Casita de Flor

Terms and Conditions for Casita de Flor Lanzarote, Conil, Lanzarote

Once you have paid a deposit for the booking of your accommodation, you fully agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions in their entirety.

Terms of Payment – There is no legal contract between us until your deposit or a greater amount is received.  If you are not paying by instalment, the final balance of the cost of the accommodation must be paid 8 Weeks prior to your scheduled arrival at the villa.

Cancellation – Should you decide to cancel your accommodation, and have paid a 20% deposit, 80% balance payment, or payment in full on booking, then the following refunds will apply :-

90 days or more – no refund of deposit

90 days to 61 days – no refund of deposit – 75% of the total of any other monies paid

60 days to 31 days – no refund of deposit – 50% of the total of any other monies paid

30 days or less – no refund at all

Please note the following cancellation policy which applies to any bookings made with a deposit of less than 20%, and where the balance has been paid in instalments.

Should you decide to cancel your accommodation, then no refunds will be given of the deposit or any subsequent instalment payments already made at the time the cancellation. You will not be required to pay anything further towards the cost of the accommodation.

All cancellations by you will be deemed as taking effect on the day we receive notification. We strongly advise that a telephone call followed by an email is the most suitable method of cancelling a booking. Please note that if we do not respond to a cancellation sent by email within 24 hours, then you should assume that the communication has not reached us.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your booking, then all monies paid to us will be returned. We offer no compensation for losses incurred by you due to cancellation by us (ie. flight tickets, airport transfers). It is therefore also a condition that you arrange adequate travel insurance for you and all members of your party; see heading “Insurance” for further details.

In the event that your bank or credit card company refuses any payment for reasons of security, or if incorrect payment details have been provided by you (ie. incorrect expiry date), then you will have 48 hours to resolve this with your bank/credit card company or provide an alternative payment method. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your reservation, and therefore the appropriate cancellation policy above will apply.

Complaints and Disputes – We will endeavour to resolve any complaints or disputes that may arise during your holiday.

Please note that you are obliged to contact our liaison to report any damage caused by you or a member of your party.

Insurance – It is a condition of the booking that you provide your own comprehensive travel insurance. This must cover you and all members of your party for all costs arising from personal injury or death for the duration of your stay at the property.

Your insurance must also cover you in full in the event that we have to cancel your booking. This includes flights, airport transfers and car hire.

Personal Injury – Note that we will not, under any circumstances, consider any claims for compensation arising from personal injuries that occur within the property or the grounds of the property.

Whilst the property may have measures installed to enhance your safety, such as pool depth markers, this in no way implies that we accept any responsibility for your personal safety. If, at any time during your stay, you consider anything untoward that may result in an injury to you or members of your party then you must immediately contact the villa liaison on the number provided to you.

Changes – We will do our utmost to accommodate any changes you wish to make. However, if we cannot make the changes you have requested, resulting in the cancellation of your booking, then refunds of monies as outlined in the section “Cancellations” will apply.

Loss of Amenities – The ongoing provision of mains water and electricity is totally beyond our control; in the event that loss of either occurs on the property, requiring you and your party to be moved to alternative accommodation, we will endeavour to assist with finding something suitable. However, all the costs of the alternative accommodation must be borne by you and reclaimed on your holiday insurance cover.

Accommodation Description – We have described the property and its surroundings as accurately as we can. However, furnishings and fixtures may change from our descriptions and photographs.

Third Party Nuisance – We will not be held responsible for nuisance caused by third parties. This includes noise from local building works, loutish and disruptive behaviour from guests staying in other villas, loud music and traffic noise.