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Conil, a small rural picturesque village.

The peaceful village of Conil is located in the south-west of Lanzarote and has a beautiful viewpoint across the ocean to the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura. Conil has so far remained almost completely undiscovered by many of the major tour operators which has helped keep its old rural Canarian charm. This small peaceful village offers a local supermarket and an authentic Canarian tapas bar, Ramons, serving delicious dishes of the island. Fortunately the island  is a small so you are in close proximity to visiting all the others.

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Is a 5/10 minute drive from Conil.

The second largest town in Lanzarote, Tías over looks the main resort of Puerto Del Carmen. It has retained an authentic Spanish feel and boasts good local facilities such as some excellent typical Canarian restaurants and bars, cafes and bakeries, supermarkets (Hyperdino), some interesting shops and chemists (farmacia).

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Puerto Calero

Is a 10 minute drive from Conil.

Puerto Calero and it’s large marina is situated close to Puerto Del Carmen. The marina has the capability to home super yachts as well as much smaller boats and is a great place to watch the world go by in one of the many bars and restaurants. You can see our recommendations below. From here you can also book trips such as Catlanza, Submarine safaris or Buggies Lanzarote.

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LA GERIA. The wine region of Lanzarote

If you wish to venture a little further out, just around the corner from Conil is Lanzarotes main wine growing region, La Geria where you can taste the local wine and enjoy the unique volcanic vineyards which are one of the worlds most unique landscapes. It boasts a prosperous wine industry and is renowned for its excellent and award winning wines which can be sampled and purchased in a number of the local wineries ( bodegas) in La Geria  and local shops. So if you like the world of wine and want to taste the incredible wines of Lanzarote then we suggest you do one of the wine tours and visit some of the wineries at La Geria.

MORE INFORMATION.  Click on Lanzarote wine tour

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Macher and La Asomada

The two small villages close to Conil have a few hidden delights to offer you as well as a supermarket which is handy to call at if you are returning from the south of the island.

What makes Lanzarote different from the other Canary Islands?
The visionary,

Cesar Manrique.

Lanzarotes most famous son, Cesar Manrique was an architect, artist and nature activist.  Few artists have contributed to their homeland as much as he did. He ensured that the construction of high-rise buildings was not allowed or giant commercial advertising and that the exterior of all the buildings had to be painted white only with green , brown or blue wood work. This has resulted in Lanzarote looking like the prettiest of all the Canary Islands. His influence lives on and It helps to justify why Lanzarote has been included in the Unesco World Network of Biosphere Reserves.


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One of many examples of Cesar Manrique’s influence on the island

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